Monday, 29 July 2013

Wedding cake like a quilt

Four years ago I was asked by my sister to make her wedding cake. Both excited and nervous I was honoured to be asked to take on such a task for my sister. Its not that I had never done cakes before, what made me nervous was wondering how I was going to manage to make a wedding cake and take care of my 2 year old and 2 month old all at the same time. After I agreed (which was right away of course) images stated to pop into my head of all the possibilities this cake could look like. Lynn provided me with a few guidelines such as 1) make sure it had fresh flowers, 2) it had to be 3 tiers, and 3) and that she wanted 3 different flavours, aside from that she let me run wild. Being a quilter I had to add my own flair .... a quilters flair... and voila here is my mater piece.

My master piece!
This was the bottom tier... My goal was to make it look like a quilt

This was the middle tier I wanted it to be whimsical yet elegant. 

Top tier... simple yet beautiful I wanted the the flowers on top to be the focal point.
It was so much fun! Thanks to my girls for being such great kids the whole time I was pre occupied with the making of the cake. The funniest part was when it was time to transport the cake to the venue. Given that I lived in Peachland and the event was in Kelowna I needed to be sure that I could get all 5 of us ( my 3 girls, husband and myself ) into the van while transporting all three tiers safely with no incidents. So, we loaded everyone up then loaded up the cakes only to start to back out of the driveway when we discover that we have a flat tire on the van... urggg... frantically we called my husbands uncle and he was gracious enough to lend us one of his vehicles to get there. Luckly it all worked out and the cakes made it there safely. Here is to a great night!


Please feel free to share with me anything that you have made that was outside of your quilting box!

Till next time, happy quilting!

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