Tuesday, 27 November 2012


My three year old has fell in love with quilting. The other night I was working on a landscape piece for a commission I had and my daughter wanted to help so I figured I would let her step on the foot peddle for a quick moment. Well....to my suprise she fell in live with it and now I can even get near my machine before she's standing there waiting for me to turn it on. It's so fun to share these special moments with out kids but now I thing I have created a quilting monster. I will have to get her a small kids machine for Christmas. My eldest started to sew when she was 5 so I really shouldn't be suprised.

You know there is something about kids that makes them so precious if only we could keep them little for a while. For example the other day we were driving into town the sky was a brillent blue and the moon was up in broad day light. Of course she pointed out the large moon in the sky. Later that night she said "look mom the real moon is out now." When I asked her what she thought the moon was earlier in he day she said it was only a cloud moon. I had a good laugh.

If you keep watching my posts I will be adding a my favorite things post later this week. Mostly will be my favorite quilting must have items but there are a few other things you might like too!

Sorry there are no pics today by my computer won't upload properly.

Hope you all have a great week!

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