Saturday, 24 May 2014

Having fun!!!

As many of you know I launched my new website its been great. I have had many phone calls, emails and much interested in taking classes. This summer my studio will be expanding, I am so excited. Lots more room for creativity and students. Stay posted for when it opens.

Today I taught my first class of the Collision of Paint & Thread it was so much fun. The ladies had a blast and created such beautiful work. Tomorrow will be the second half of the class. I will upload some pictures when they are all done.

For now I will leave you with a few new pictures…

© All rights reserved by Coleen Adderley

© All rights reserved by Coleen Adderley

© All rights reserved by Coleen Adderley

If you are interested in any class or would like to spend the day with me creating please feel free to email me and we will set something up.


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  1. These are brilliant, Coleen! Starting your website is the right idea for you. You already have prospects these early, and perhaps by getting the word around more, both in real life and online, should help in getting more people take part. Perhaps joining social media could help? Good luck!
    Benny Hines @ Reuben Marketing Services